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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bush, Dems See Different Wars In Iraq - CBS News

Bush, Dems See Different Wars In Iraq - CBS News: "President Bush says “more fighting and sacrifice will be required” in Iraq before American troops can withdraw. "

Marking the third anniversary of the war, Mr. Bush defended the defended the 2003 decision to begin the war.

“It was the right decision,” Mr. Bush said. “America and the world are safer today without Saddam Hussein in power.”

The president said he remains “optimistic” about the situation in Iraq, and while he did not admit that there were mistakes in the aftermath of the invasion, Mr. Bush said the U.S. military was making needed changes.

“The fighting has been tough. The enemy has proved brutal and relentless. We have changed our approach in many areas to reflect the hard realities on the ground.”



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